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Safety Culture

Management Involvement & Commitment


The management of Command Fishing and Pipe Recovery Ltd. considers safety to be integral to its operations and is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all employees, contractors and others who may be impacted by our operations. It is also dedicated to protecting the environment in which we live and work.

Hazard Assessment & Control


Command Fishing and Pipe Recovery Ltd. recognizes that hazards exist on every job site and throughout the company operations. By identifying these hazards we have the opportunity to reduce or even eliminate the hazard before an incident can occur with the use of “risk controls”, making a safer work environment for all concerned.



Command Fishing and Pipe Recovery Ltd. recognizes that training is a large part of the Health and Safety Management System. It ensures that employees who are performing the tasks are competent to do so. It proves the due diligence of the employer by ensuring the health and safety of the employee by providing information regarding the risks and hazards of the job and how to perform that job in the safest manner possible

Communication & Administration


Command Fishing and Pipe Recovery Ltd. recognizes that administration and communication of a program can be vital to the effectiveness and success of a Health and Safety Program. Without proper administration and communication, the program will not meet its intended goal, a safe working environment and elimination of incidents and accidents.

Communication is the most essential element in a safety program. Effective communication between all levels of workers is necessary to monitor and improve safety and environmental performance. In addition, good communication creates an opportunity for management to distribute and receive the necessary feedback as to how well policies, rules, procedures and other information is understood

Close Call & Incident Investigation Techniques


Command Fishing and Pipe Recovery Ltd. recognizes that the identification and assessments of hazards will reduce or eliminate incidents and accidents, However, when an incident does occur, it is vital to the effectiveness of the Safety Program and the health and welfare of each employee that a report be submitted and an investigation into the causes of the incident be carried out in order to ensure that effective controls are in place and employees are trained in the use of them to ensure a continued safe working environment for all concerned. By performing an investigation, the Basic and underlying causes that lead to the occurrence can be identified. Once identified, these causes can then be addressed and corrected to ensure safety and wellness of all employees and to improve the overall Safety Management System Program. In turn, this will reduce the costs associated with loss and assist the company in becoming more productive and successful.

Behavior Based Safety Process


Command Fishing & Pipe Recovery Ltd. has developed a Behavior Based Safety/Work Observation Process as a proactive approach to safety performance improvement to having employee(s) taking preventative measures to protect themselves from hazards & risks and to provide an understanding of how the Behavior Based Safety/Work Observation Process can be fully implemented at Command Fishing & Pipe Recovery Branches and Work Sites to achieve 100% safe culture. Behavior Based Safety/Work Observation promotes safe work practices through enhanced employee engagement, involvement and awareness.